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3 Healthy Substitutes for Coffee

Instead of your usual morning cup of coffee for your caffeine fix, you might find yourself reaching for a cup of dandelion coffee, cold brew, or a matcha. 

Caffeine can cause dehydration, which leads to you feeling sluggish and can also be the source of headaches, anxiety, restlessness, and fitful sleep.

Dandelion coffee is a caffeine-free herbal drink that is an instant-coffee-like blend of dandelion root, roasted barley, rye, chicory root, and sugar beet.

It's great for cleansing your liver and balancing pH levels in your body. Historically, dandelion, consumed in combination with other herbs, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to clear heat from the body, to release toxins from the liver, decrease inflammation, and in some cases, treat urinary tract infections.

It might not feel like spring in Vancouver just yet but there are still the rare few who enjoy their iced coffees even when it's cold outside. Cold brew is the latest coffee craze that reportedly also has more health benefits than your regular morning cup.

Instead of brewing coffee with hot water, chilling it, and diluting it with ice, you let the grounds sit, undisturbed, for upwards of 12 hours, then you filter the grounds from the liquid. What you end up with is highly-concentrated coffee that you can add water to. 

There’s some suggestion it’s better for the body (and gentler on stomachs), because it’s less acidic—up to 67 percent less. Try Jamaica Blue, which is roasted, brewed and bottled locally in Vancouver. They are available at select Whole Foods, Urban Fare markets, and other locations.

Matcha is particularly high in antioxidants called catechin polyphenols—linked to numerous health benefits from decreased cancer risk to reducing cholesterol and blood pressure—and since you actually drink the ground leaves, you ingest more of the nutrients than with brewed leaf teas. There's even cold brew style matcha!